2812 Brushless Motor Kit with 3.5mm Bullet Plugs 1534Kv 2-3s Li-Po



  • 20% more powerful than other red 2812 motors
  • 1534Kv (RPM per Volt)
  • Works with 2-3s Li-Po Battery (6.5v – 12.5v)
  • Recommend to use a 30A ESC
  • Extremely Powerful with a 7×6-E Propeller

    Product description

    The RC Electric Parts 2812 1534Kv Brushless Motor is a great little brushless motor for RC Airplanes. It is a common motor used for park flyer airplanes and other small crafts. It is lightweight and provides plenty of power with a 7×6-E Propeller. In fact, we’ve found our motors produce more power than other red 2812 motors on the market.

    The RC Electric Parts 2812 1534Kv Brushless Motor Kit comes Pre-Soldered with 3.5mm Bullet Plugs, so you don’t have to solder your plugs. We also include fasteners to either bolt or screw the motor to a motor mount with spare parts in case you lose any.


    Motor Size: Ф28.6 x 32mm

    Shaft Size: Ф3.17 x 48mm

    Weight: 50g

    KV (RPM*Volts): 1534Kv

    Max Power: 206W

    Battery: 2-3s Li-Po

    ESC: >= 30A

    Suggested Propeller Size: 7×6-E

    Max Current: 15.5A

    Thrust: 730g (1.61lbs)

    Product Includes:

    1x 2812 Brushless Motor

    3x 3.5mm Bullet Plugs (Soldered)

    1x Motor Base

    1x Prop Saver

    5x M3 Fasteners (For Prop Saver and Motor Base)

    5x Mounting Screws

    3x M3 Fasteners and Lock Nuts (To mount the motor either with screws or bolts)

    1x Allen Hex Key

    2x O-Rings