60A RC Brushless Motor Electric Speed Controller



  • 60A RC Brushless Motor Electric Speed Controller ESC 4A UBEC with XT60 & 3.5mm bullet plugs
  • Comes Pre-soldered with XT60 Connector and 3.5mm bullet plugs
  • 5.5v/4A UBEC (Very Efficient)- ESC can power receiver and servos
  • LiPo 2 – 4s (Cells), NiCd/NiMH: 5 – 12 Cells, 6.4v – 16.8v
  • Low Battery Protection, Overheat Protection, Startup Throttle Protection, Signal Loss Protection, and Abnormal Voltage Protection
  • Programmable – Programming card or using Transmitter

    The RC Electric Parts 60A Electric Speed Controller (ESC) is a great little powerful ESC that runs very well and doesn’t run hot like other ESCs! The ESC comes pre-soldered with 3.5mm Bullet Plugs and an XT60 Plug, eliminating the need for you to solder your own plugs on!

    The ESC can be programmed via the transmitter as explained in the instructions or using a programming card that can be purchased separately. Make sure to use an RC Electric Parts Programming card to ensure that it’ll properly program the ESC.


    Programmable Super smooth and accurate linear throttle adjustment

    Supports high RPM motors

    Utilizes smaller MOSFETs to minimize weight

    Minimal heat dissipation


    Continuous: 60A Bursts 80A for 10 seconds

    UBEC: 5.5V/4A

    Lipo Battery: 2 – 4s (cells)

    NiCd/NiMH: 5 – 12 cells

    Size: 71mm x 35mm x 17mm

    Weight: 68g

    Motor Type: Brushless Motor Brushless Motor

    Max RPM: 240,000 rpm for a 2 pole, 80,000 rpm for a 6 pole, or 40,000 rpm for a 12 pole brushless motor