Axial Led Light Set with Controller



  • Simple LED set with wrapped controller, one strand of bright white LEDs (four lights), and one strand of bright red LEDs (two lights)
  • Compact size for limited space areas and is excellent for use as an RC rock light system
  • Compatible with Axial Light Bucket Sets (AX80045 and AX80053) and is an alternative to NVS System (AX24251)
  • Compatible with other light strands and colors available separately: AX24252, AX24253, AX24254, AX24255, AX24256, and AX24258
  • Not compatible with AE-5L ESC

    Simple LED Controller includes 4 bright white LED’s and 2 bright red LED’s

    • Compact size for limited space areas.
    • Excellent for use as a rock light system.
    • Compatible with:
      • Axial Light Bucket Sets, AX80045 and AX80053
      • Other light strands and colors (sold separately): AX24252, AX24253, AX24254, AX24255, AX24256, and AX24258
    • Alternative to NVS System AX54251


    • Control unit
    • White LEDs (1 strand with 4 lights)
    • Red LEDs (1 Strand with 2 lights)


    • Installation
    • Aluminum Tape

    Note: This controller set is not compatible with AE-5L ESC

    From the Manufacturer

    This is a Simple LED Controller with LED Lights from Axial. Universal connector for receiver. Red and white LED lights. Compatible with other Axial LED colored light strands.