BETAFPV 1S LiPo Battery Tester Voltage Checker for Tiny Whoop Blade Inductrix 1S FPV Battery Like 260mAh 300mAh 550mAh with JST-PH Connector or Molex Connector



  • 1S LiPo Battery Tester support 4 standard micro UAV battery interface, plug and play
  • Supporting ports JST(2.54mm),MOLEX(2.0mm),mCPX(2.0mm),MCX(1.25mm)
  • Support lithium battery Life(3.3/3.65V),LiPo (3.7/4.20V),Li-Hv(3.8/4.35V)
  • Four battery interfaces support battery polarity reverse connection protection, Four battery interfaces are supported LiFe,LiPo,LiHv
  • 0.36 inches red digital tube display, display battery voltage, battery voltage detection accuracy is accurate to 10mV