Blomiky 15V Wall Charger with 11.1V XH-4P Plug Balance Box for 11.1V 3S Lipo Battery 15V Charger

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  • Package include: 1 US Power Adapter, 1 Blance Charger Box,1 Blomiky Wipe.Charger 2 light solid when charging,1 light off after charge full.
  • Power Adapter SPEC:Input:100-240V,50/60Hz, Output:15A–800mA, Charger fit for Gens ace LiPo Battery Pack 2200mAh Battery
  • Balance Charger SPEC:3-Cell 11.1V LiPo Blancing Charger, Input:DC 15V Output:11.1V 0.8A. XH-4P Port
  • Wall charger and Balance Charger fit for 11.1V 3S Floureon Gens ace TATTU Zeee HRB OVONIC 11.1V 3S 1300mAH 1500mAh 2200mAH 3000mAh 4000mAh 5000mAh 5200 mAh 8000mAH 3-Cell Lipo Battery., Make sure charger plug is 4 pin white plug.
  • 15V DC Input for 3-Cell 11.1V 0.8A 3S LiPo Battery Power Adapter and balance Charger for RC Vehicle Drone Boat 11.1V XH-4P Charger.Charger power adapter fit for Floureon 11.1V 1100mAh 3000mAh 4500mAH 5500mAH Lipo Battery,,with same Charger port,

    Product description

    Power Adapter SPEC:

    Balance Charger SPEC:
    3-Cell 11.1V LiPo Blancing Charger,
    Input:DC 15V
    Output:11.1V 0.8A.
    Charging Port:XH-4P Port
    Saftet Warning:
    Don’t charger battery which voltage is not 11.1V and charger port not same as this balance charger.