Freedom FPV - Universal Flight Simulator USB Adapter Cable All in One - Flysky FS-i6, FS-i10, Spectrum, JR, Esky, FMS - FPV Freerider, Velocidrone, Liftoff, Hotprops, Aerofly RC, RealFlight, DRL

$25.88 $20.99


  • Compatible with most Flight Simulators and Transmitters!
  • Seller Tested with FPV Freerider, Liftoff, Drone Racing League, Aerofly RC7, Phoenix RC, Hot Props, RealFlight using FlySky FS-i6
  • Works with FlySky, RealFlight, Spektrum, Esky, FMS, AT9 radiolink transmitters and more
  • Instruction manual provided to quickly get flying in your favorite simulator

    Product description

    This universal USB simulator adapter dongle allows you to connect a variety of different RC transmitters to your PC or Mac for use in Flight Simulators such as FPV Freerider, Aerofly RC, Phoenix RC, Liftoff, Hot Props, RealFlight, DRL, and more. We have tested this device with a variety of simulation software and provide instructions to help you get flying as easily and quickly as possible. Flight simulators are a great way to practice for RC pilots of all skill and all crafts. Particularly for new pilots, simulators save time and money on repairs and allow you to get much more flight time in than you would be able to in real life. Plus they are fun! Please note, no simulation software is included with this listing. Also, this is designed to be used with RC simulators only, not as a general game controller.