J Concepts Inc. Chevy C10 Body 1/10 Scale



J Concepts Inc. 1/10 1966 Chevy C10 Step-Side with Ultra Rear Wing  Car/Truck Bodies Wings & Decals

Overview: The 60’s generation stands as a testament to the qualities that once made the American automobile industry the envy of the world. The 1966 Chevy C10 is a plain-Jane work truck, old enough to be vintage, however, not so antique that it’s a relic. The 1966 Chevy C10 incorporates all the elements that made vehicles beautiful during this era of engineering and design. When JConcepts was looking for a drag-racing truck to add to the line-up, the Chevy C10 stood out. From start to finish, the 1966 is an honest truck that is comfortable with its essential truckness. This truck is utilitarian as is, but once you add the step-side bed, “ultra” rear wing placement and build-up, it manages to be both atheistically graceful and mechanically formidable. It has character and style, lower stance was emphasized by an attractive, pinched-waist body featuring “jet pod” eyebrows over the grille. Sizeable front chin-spoiler, large front hood-scoop, high-operation 60’s style cab with rear flange for authentic looks. The rear of the truck has a step-side style bed and the entire design is multi-faceted. The rear fenders have built-in clearance for a large assortment of drag racing rear tires including the JConcepts #3194 (Hotties) rear SCT tire. The body shell also has the identifiable flat rear tailgate area and built-in connection points for the oversized rear wing option. The truck can be used with or without the rear roll-bar option and “ultra” rear wing setup. Many pieces make up the Chevy C10 and can be tailored to the customer needs or focal point of the build. As with all JConcepts bodies, the package includes a custom decal sheet, window mask, body shell and accessories. Officially licensed to JConcepts by Chevrolet, the classic is also built, formed and designed in the U.S.A. with professional grade artisans. As always, each body set is backed with JConcepts customer support and racing heritage