O.S. 55AX Glow-Powered Aircraft Engine



  • O.S. 55AX Glow-Powered Aircraft Engine with Advanced Bimetallic Liner and Power Box E-3071 Muffler
  • More muscle for .40-size aircraft.
  • Unique, angular head design boosts overall cooling.
  • Comes with an assembled 40K carburetor with an easy-to-adjust rear angle needle valve for added safety.
  • Innovative Power Box E-3071 muffler minimizes exhaust noise without reducing overall power.
  • Features a #8 glow plug, a long-standing favorite of 2-stroke pilots around the world.

    Put more power in your .40-size model the easy way: just drop in a 55AX engine.

    It has the same bolt pattern as the 46AX for no-mod retrofits, but it also has the added displacement needed to swing bigger props – and everything you need for better 3D, precision and sport flying.


    • A diagonally-placed needle offers more pilot safety and eliminates the need for a remote needle valve.
    • The six-sided, angular head offers unique looks and significantly more surface area for cooling.
    • Included E-3071 Power Box muffler quiets without compromising power.
    • Exclusive ABL (Advanced Bimetallic Liner) reduces friction and wear.


    • Aircraft blend fuel containing 5-20% nitromethane with at least 18% lubricant


    • Displacement: 0.545 cu in (9 cc)
    • Bore: 0.91 in (23 mm)
    • Stroke: 0.85 in (21.5 mm)
    • Rpm Range: 2,000-17,000
    • Output: 1.68 hp @ 16,000 rpm
    • Weight: 14.3 oz (404 g) w/o muffler; 18.11 oz (513 g) w/muffler
    • Includes: #8 glow plug, E-3071 Power Box muffler and needle valve extension
    • Recommended Props: 11×6, 11×7, 12×6, 12×7, 12×8 and 13×6