O.S. FS-95V Ringed Four-Stroke Glow-Powered Radio Control Aircraft Engine with Muffler

$399.49 $369.99


  • A 4-stroke powerhouse that accentuates any scale RC model airplane.
  • Features nostalgic looks that pay homage to aviation’s Golden Age.
  • Delivers consistent power at all times, thanks to optimal balance between high combustion efficiency and effective cooling.
  • The included Jet Stream silencer has a unique outline, and produces an authentic, low amplitude scale sound.
  • Larger displacement than the O.S. FS-91, but lighter in weight.

    Product Description

    With its multi-cylinder look, deeper sound and 4-stroke power the FS-95V Ringed Engine is an excellent choice for powering your scale airplane. Its broad power band means you can install it in a wide variety of models, and it has the muscle to swing a number of different sizes of props. Four-stroke performance is even better when matched with four-stroke sound, and the FS-95V’s muffler produces a resonance that’s deep, authentic and impressive. Add to that the engine’s classic profile and you have a power plant that you’ll be proud to have inside your prized scale model.


    • Can be used in models designed for .60 2-stroke up to .90 4-stroke engines
    • Bold new head design with angled valve layout and individual valve covers
    • Machined aluminum pushrod guides
    • Carburetor is positioned on the center line for easy installation
    • Mounts in the same bolt pattern as many smaller displacement engines
    • Two-year limited warranty

    From the Manufacturer

    This is the O.S. Engines FS-95V Four Stroke Aircraft Engine. Broad power band for a wide variety of airplanes.