O.S. Speed B2103 Type S Buggy with T-2100SC Pipe



  • Displacement : 3.49cc / 0.213
  • Bore : 16.27mm/0.641in.
  • Stroke : 16.80mm/0.661in.
  • Output: 2.68ps/2.64hp/34,000r.p.m
  • Includes: T-2100SC Inline Pipe System

    The B2103 has a lineup of two types of engines with different engine characteristics to meet driver preferences and course layout. Medium and high speed range Bore & stroke adopt long stroke of 16.27mm x 16.80mm common to both models. The designed crankcase, engraved with the O.S. SPEED logo, has a redesigned cooling fin that gives the buggy engine a powerful look. Furthermore, the newly designed crankshaft in pursuit of optimization of the rotational mass succeeds in the technique of the OS SPEED tradition such as adopting a DLC coating and 2 tungsten weights and adopting a ceramic for the rear bearing. The inner head has an O-ring that improves vibration reduction and dust resistance. A combo set with a set of exhaust system parts (T-2100 SC tuned silencer & M2004 (85 mm) exhaust manifold) that are both suitable for both models was also added to the lineup.What should be inherited as a champion brand, ‘It will constantly evolve’ B2103 gained further attractiveness as an off-road buggy engine, please enjoy the overflowing power and drivability with your own hands.


    • The crankcase, on which OS SPEED logo is engraved, has enough surface area for effective heat dissipation.
    • Type R 5-ports liner which performs excellent at medium and high speed range. Type S 3– ports liner performs well at medium and low speed range.
    • Type S has high vertical finned low-profile cooling head for improving the car drivability with low gravity.
    • For reducing vibration and preventing dust, the inner head is adopted silicon O-ring.
    • Type S features the 22D carburetor which emphasizes quick response and smooth acceleration.
    • Type S and Type R both adopt a designed ball link which can change the position of fixing screw for easy access.
    • DLC Coated Crankshaft with Tungsten weights and potted with silicone.