Potensic Dreamer Pro 4K Drone with Camera



Potensic Dreamer Pro 4K Drones with Camera for Adults, 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Quadcopter with 2KM FPV Transmission Range, 28mins Flight, Brushless Motor, Auto-Return, Portable Carry case and 32G SD Card

  • [3-AXIS GIMBAL WITH 4K CAMERA]: -Capture impressive moment with the help of 3-axis mechanical gimbal and 1/3-inch SONY CMOS sensor, Potensic Dreamer Pro will allow you to record 16MP photo and provide 4K/30fbs video. The dedicated 3-axis gimbal camera ensures steady aerial capturing, so you can hone in on whatever you’re filming from high in the sky. The video transmission distance of up to 2 km and can also deliver high-resolution livestream directly from the drone’s camera.
  • [2KM TRANSMISSION RANGE]: -Adopt the latest Qualcomm technology, simply connect the phone device with the remote control with the USB cable to gain a control range of up to 2KM, gives pilots endless possibilities. It broadcasts on 5.8GHz for better Wi-Fi image reliability. The live video transmission and high-quality cameras offer a terrific flying experience, and allows you to see what the drone camera sees in real-time.
  • [BIG SIZE, POWERFUL PERFORMANCE]: -With its exclusive PowerAC dynamic system, Dreamer can instantly burst out triple power within 0.1 seconds to provide the best performance at a speed of 10m/s, and witty responses to various emergencies. Besides, equipped with a powerful Brushless motor, enable this 4K drone to work at a temperature of 0°to 40°, and can withstand different weather conditions within gentle breeze.
  • [MULTIFUNCTION 4K DRONE]: -With multi-function like follow me, DIY circle flight, waypoint flight, precise altitude flight, auto return, APP control and so on. The new function of DIY circle flight allows you to DIY set the drone circle direction, speed(1-5m/s), and radius(10-50m). Get ready for the simplest and most intuitive flying experience!
  • [ACCESSORY EXTENDED]: -It features an aluminum carrying case, a 32GB micro SD card, a smart battery, 3 USB cables, 1 remote control, and propellers. With the extended carrying case, you won’t be missing anything. (Note: only 1pc remote control included)

    Potensic dreamer pro 3 axis gimbal drone

    What’s 3-axis Gimbal Drone?

    The built-in chip of the gimbal can calculate the motion compensation in real-time according to the flight attitude, and drive the 3-axis brushless motor to rotate to keep the camera shooting smoothly.

    90°Lateral and automatic repair, 70°Horizontal and automatic repair, 50°Vertical and automatic repair. With 3-Axis Mechanical Self-stabilizing Gimbal + Anti-shake ball effect, it can easily filter out the image vibration caused by the outside, and at the same time ensure the image quality.

    Note: The 3-axis gimbal is auto-repair and the angle can’t be adjusted by remote control.

    Q: Why does my drone keep flying upwards after pressing the return home button?

    A: It’s normal to flying upward, because when the flight altitude is less than 20m, the drone will rise to 20m before returning.




    3-Axis Gimbal Professional Drone

    Upgraded stability on 3-Axis can deliver hyper-smooth footage no matter how shaky when flying. This 3-Axis gimbal drone helps to capture more dynamic details for your high-quality videos. Ideal for sports video during running, riding, skating, vlog.

    DIY Circle Flight

    Working as your professional photographer, this Potensic Dreamer Pro drone available modes include follow me, DIY circle flight and waypoint flight with APP control. Just relax and enjoy the fun of flying and filming from up above.

    Find My Drone

    This GPS drone may lost due to man-made operation or windy weather. But don’t worry, our exclusive PotensicPro App can record drone last drop or disappear place, enable pilots to follow the app map to track and find drone back easily.



    Potensic Dreamer carry case

    2Hrs Fast Charging for 28Mins

    Potensic Dreamer drone integrated the fast charging technology can be fully charged within 2hours for 28mins max flight time. Also the intelligent 4S battery with overcharge and over-discharge protection, more safety than ever.

    Related Operation:

    A. Short press once to check current power.

    B. Short press once, then long press for 2 seconds to switch on/off the drone.

    2KM Transmission Range

    With a control range of up to 2KM, gives pilots endless possibilities. The live video transmission and high quality cameras, offers a terrific flying experience, and allows you see what the drone camera sees in real time.

    Required Operation:

    1. Check the joysticks in the remote top box.

    2. Screw to install them before take-off.

    3. Connect your phone with remote via the USB cable inside the package.

    Practical and Durable Carrying Case

    This elegant and practical carrying case equipped with custom storage spaces to accommodate your drone’s accessories. It will accompany you on each of your outings.

    Notes on Propellers:

    1. Pay attention to the “CW” and “CCW” marks on the blades and the arms on the drone.

    2. Press down the blade in alignment with the central axis, and rotate.

    Potensic dreamer pro 4k 3 axis gimbal drone

    What’s new on the Potensic Dreamer Pro Drone(The upgrade version of the Potensic Dreamer Model)

    PROFESSIONAL 3-AXIS GIMBAL-Upgraded stability on 3-Axis can deliver hyper-smooth footage no matter how shaky when flying on a windy day.

    NO WIFI CONNECTION-Save the complex WIFI connection steps, this Potensic Dreamer Pro connects the remote and app via a USB cable(included).

    LONG TRANSMISSION RANGE-With a control range of up to 2KM, gives pilots endless possibilities. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of the distance.

    ACCESSORIES EXTENDED -Come with a carrying case, a 16 GB micro SD card, 3 USB cables. Take off on your adventures as soon as the drone arrives.

    What’s inside the package:

    1 * Potensic Dreamer Pro Drone

    1* Carry Case

    1* 32G SD Card(inside the camera)

    1 * Transmitter(built-in battery)

    1 * 3000mAh Drone Battery

    1* Pair of Propellers 1 *User Manual

    1 * Drone Charger+AC Cable

    1 * USB Charging Cable(for remote)

    3 * USB Connection Cable(Lighting/type c/micro)


    1. No WIFI connect anymore, directly connect remote control with phone by USB OTG cable(inside the package).

    2. Please remove the gimbal clamp before the drone power on.

    3. Potensic Dreamer Pro requires a 4-256G class 10 or above SD card(a 32G card is included).

    4. All the joysticks are stored in the remote control’s top storage box, please check and install them before take-off.

    5. This drone requires Federal Aviation Administration registration before flying in the US.