Radiolink 2.4G 7CH RC Transmitter and Receiver Gyro Receiver



  • Radiolink 2.4G 7CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R7FG Gyro Radio Remote Controller Pistol Grip for RC Car Boat Crawler DriftingRadiolink
  • 2.4G 7CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R6FG Gyro Radio Remote Controller Pistol Grip for RC Car Boat Crawler Drifting
  • 【7 Channels】: FHSS reduce overall signal interference allow the RC6GS to produce a highly constant and stable transmission signal present, control distance over 2000 feet (600m), only 12ms for6 channels response.
  • 【Built in Gyro】: R6FG with gyro integrated receiver is can hold the vehicle in a straight line during aggressive acceleration and braking when it in gyro working mode. Gyro sensitivity can be adjustment.
  • 【ABS and Fail-Safe Protection】: Anti-lock brake support vehicles do not slip when vehicles brake at corners. CH1-CH7 can be set fail-safe function to protect the safety of the model. Low-battery warning function to avoid ignorance in a noisy environment.
  • 【Dual Programmable Mix Control】: Easy to understand and setting, every two channels can be programmed mix control. Twin-engine boats or cars such as crawler, tank.
  • 【Adapts to All Types of RCCars Boats】: 10 memories storage, work with types models vehicles, such as: rock crawler, monster truck, tank, drifting, Baja, mini rc car.

    About us:

    Radiolink is a high technology manufacturing company dedicated to researching, manufacturing and marketing of RC model radio transmitters. Our products included: RC radio transmitter, flight controller, receiver, GPS, drone etc. We are committed to providing customers with a high reliability and high performance product solution, as well as providing technical support and friendly after-sales service.

    RC6GS 6CH Features


    RC6GS Overview

    RC6GS 7-channel RC car controller with good performance will enhance your driving experience.

    FHSS algorithm reduce overall signal interference. Setting simplicity, 12ms fast response for 7 channelsReal-time Telemetry, USB upgradeVoltage ProtectionABS and fail-safe protection, Dual-Mix ControlSubsidiary ID, outstanding range over 1968 feet or 600 meters, good choice for FPV remote rc car. (actual control distance is according the local environment).

    • Receiver R7FG built-in telemetry, subsidiary ID, bind-progress displays status.
    • Sold separately R7FG ASIN: B07RWC9GXT
    • *FHSS(Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)
    • To get Full User Instruction and newest firmware on our official website or ask after-sales support
    RC6GS with car

    Powerful Capabilities

    Easy to understand surface makes quick work for different vehicles: RC short-course truck, monster truck, crawler, tank, drifting, mini car, Baja and more, all types of on-road electric powered or gasoline rc car and boat on the market.

    Support antilock brake system, set up on Menu(ABS), fail-safe function can be set by CH1-CH6, Menu (F/S), to protect your vehicles.


    Included R7FG 7CH Gyro Receiver

    Gyro integrated to hold the vehicle in a straight line during aggressive acceleration and braking or get bumped around by rough terrain. It keeps the uni-direction and anti-slip. R7FG receiver for bashers, boaters, racers and rock crawlers.

    • How to bind with RC6GS: press the Binding Button 1 second and release.
    • Change Gyro or Normal modes : press the Bind Button 3 times within 1 second.
    • Gyro Reverse Modify: Press the Bind Button twice within 1 second, the RED LED flash twice.
    • Sold Separately R7FG ASIN: B07FSCDLBJ

    RC6GS Key Features



    Radiolink Voltage Protection System

    Superb Ergonomics

    • Ergonomic comfort design for driver: 213(H) x 117(W) x 115(L)mm (8.4”*4.6”*4.5”) and only weighs 0.57 kg (1.26lb), can be easily held. The non-slip plastic grip offer a precision experience, especially during long racing heats.
    • Navigation menu remind you next step setting, its easy-to-read on LCD display even without user manual.

    USB Based Upgrades

    • Download firmware by PC, connect the it to PC via Android USB cable, just few minutes for complete update.
    • *New firmware download on Radiolink official website or ask customer support
    • Not support update firmware with Mac computers

    Radiolink Voltage Protection System

    • Reverse polarity protection circuit, which ensures vital components are protected from a reverse polarity connection, do not worry about it damage even you insert wrong polarity.
    • JST connector is easily adapted for various battery, such as: 6pcs AA batteries or 2s-4s LiPo, Lithium battery.( Battery sold separately )
    • Low Voltage Remind: to avoid over-discharge the battery, set it in Menu (19 ALARM).