Radiolink RC6GS 2.4G 6CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R6FG Gyro Radio Remote Controller Pistol Grip for RC Car Boat Crawler DriftingRadiolink RC6GS 2.4G 6CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R6FG Gyro Radio Remote Controller Pistol Grip for RC Car Boat Crawler Drifting

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  • 【6 Channels】: FHSS reduce overall signal interference allow the RC6GS to produce a highly constant and stable transmission signal present, control distance over 2000 feet (600m), only 12ms for6 channels response.
  • 【Built in Gyro】: R6FG with gyro integrated receiver is can hold the vehicle in a straight line during aggressive acceleration and braking when it in gyro working mode. Gyro sensitivity can be adjustment.
  • 【ABS and Fail-Safe Protection】: Anti-lock brake support vehicles do not slip when vehicles brake at corners. CH1-CH6 can be set fail-safe function to protect the safety of the model. Low-battery warning function to avoid ignorance in a noisy environment.
  • 【Dual Programmable Mix Control】: Easy to understand and setting, every two channels can be programmed mix control. Twin-engine boats or cars such as crawler, tank.
  • 【Adapts to All Types of RCCars Boats】: 10 memories storage, work with types models vehicles, such as: rock crawler, monster truck, tank, drifting, Baja, mini rc car.

    Product Description

    About us:

    Radiolink is a high technology manufacturing company dedicated to researching, manufacturing and marketing of RC model radio transmitters. Our products included: RC radio transmitter, flight controller, receiver, GPS, drone etc. We are committed to providing customers with a high reliability and high performance product solution, as well as providing technical support and friendly after-sales service.

    RC6GS 6CH Features


    RC6GS Overview

    RC6GS 6-channel RC car controller with good performance will enhance your driving experience.

    FHSS algorithm reduce overall signal interference. Setting simplicity, 12ms fast response for 6 channelsReal-time Telemetry, USB upgradeVoltage ProtectionABS and fail-safe protection, Dual-Mix ControlSubsidiary ID, outstanding range over 1968 feet or 600 meters, good choice for FPV remote rc car. (actual control distance is according the local environment).

    • Receiver R7FG built-in telemetry, subsidiary ID, bind-progress displays status.
    • Sold separately R7FG ASIN: B07RWC9GXT
    • *FHSS(Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)
    • To get Full User Instruction and newest firmware on our official website or ask after-sales support
    RC6GS with car

    Powerful Capabilities

    Easy to understand surface makes quick work for different vehicles: RC short-course truck, monster truck, crawler, tank, drifting, mini car, Baja and more, all types of on-road electric powered or gasoline rc car and boat on the market.

    Support antilock brake system, set up on Menu(ABS), fail-safe function can be set by CH1-CH6, Menu (F/S), to protect your vehicles.


    Included R6FG 6CH Gyro Receiver

    Gyro integrated to hold the vehicle in a straight line during aggressive acceleration and braking or get bumped around by rough terrain. It keeps the uni-direction and anti-slip. R6FG receiver for bashers, boaters, racers and rock crawlers.

    • How to bind with RC6GS: press the Binding Button 1 second and release.
    • Change Gyro or Normal modes : press the Bind Button 3 times within 1 second.
    • Gyro Reverse Modify: Press the Bind Button twice within 1 second, the RED LED flash twice.
    • Sold Separately R6FG ASIN: B07FSCDLBJ

    RC6GS Key Features



    Radiolink Voltage Protection System

    Superb Ergonomics

    • Ergonomic comfort design for driver: 213(H) x 117(W) x 115(L)mm (8.4”*4.6”*4.5”) and only weighs 0.57 kg (1.26lb), can be easily held. The non-slip plastic grip offer a precision experience, especially during long racing heats.
    • Navigation menu remind you next step setting, its easy-to-read on LCD display even without user manual.

    USB Based Upgrades

    • Download firmware by PC, connect the it to PC via Android USB cable, just few minutes for complete update.
    • *New firmware download on Radiolink official website or ask customer support
    • Not support update firmware with Mac computers

    Radiolink Voltage Protection System

    • Reverse polarity protection circuit, which ensures vital components are protected from a reverse polarity connection, do not worry about it damage even you insert wrong polarity.
    • JST connector is easily adapted for various battery, such as: 6pcs AA batteries or 2s-4s LiPo, Lithium battery.( Battery sold separately )
    • Low Voltage Remind: to avoid over-discharge the battery, set it in Menu (19 ALARM).