RC Plane Sports Cub 3-CH Xpilot Gyro RTF RC Airplane



  • Ready to use out of the box rc plane kit: Pre-assembled, ready to fly RC airplanes bundle includes: Sport Cub remote control plane, 3-channel remote control, 5-in-1 charger, 2 RC Plane batteries, 2 propellers, screwdriver and user manual. Add 3 AA batteries for the remote and fly!
  • Excellent for novices and experienced flyers: Our remote control airplanes include 3 flight modes: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Whether you are a beginner to radio control airplanes or an experienced remote airplane pilot the Sport Cub will have a flight mode to match your flying skill.
  • Lightweight and strong materials: The durable and lightweight EPP materials these RC planes are made with will not fade or deform with time. This electric remote control planes innovative gearbox power system is made from top-grade materials for the best performance and longevity.
  • Superior radio control system: remote control airplane for outdoor use has a 2.4ghz remote and built-in 6 Axis gyro and Xpilot stabilization system makes this rc plane for adults and kids ultra stable. Beginners will learn how to fly with confidence! One-Key U-Turn to assist beginner RC flyers.
  • Promise of excellence: We take pride in making sure that every one of our electric RC airplane products are flawless by controlling every step of manufacturing. Our helpful support team is always here to assist you with radio controlled airplanes and parkflyers airplanes needs! Big rc planes selection.

    Learn how to fly RC airplanes!

    Sport Cub S2

    Product Description

    With our pre-assembled remote control flying airplane toy kit, you can set up and fly within minutes of opening the box!

    This airplanes gliders kit has everything you need with the RC airliner, remote control, 5-in-1 charger, 2 batteries, 2 propellers, a screwdriver, and a quick start manual. With its compact size of 15.75″ x 11.22″, this beginner RC plane is the perfect choice for people who want to take their flying experience anywhere! With 3 flying modes: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert, this RC airplane glider is perfect both for experienced flyers looking to upgrade their skills or someone who wants something simple and accessible to start flying. The Xpilot Stabilization system installed in the Sport Cub S2 plane provides a natural flying experience with easy and intuitive controls that allow anyone to take off in style. The long-lasting battery in remote control flying airplane allows it to fly for up 20 minutes on a single 40 minutes charge! For consistent quality, every plane toy remote control goes through a multi-step check procedure before shipment. Our team goes through every stage of the RTF RC planes kit production to make sure there are no imperfections.

    The Sport Cub’s small size and high tech goodies makes this RC plane a great choice for any beginner pilot

    RC Xpilot System

    2.4 Ghz Remote

    Plane Size

    Ultra Stable Flight


    • Provides a stable flight to assist with new flyers
    • 6 Axis Gyro provides smooth turns
    • Makes take off and Landing easier
    • Select from 3 flying modes at any time during your flight


    2.4Ghz Radio Control


    • Control plane from up to 656 feet
    • Multiple planes can fly at the same time without interference
    • 2.4 Ghz technology offers Incredible reliable
    • Fly without worry of interference from other RC pilots


    Convienent Size


    • Convenient size for easily transport
    • 15.75″ Wingspan provides plenty of lift for stable flight
    • 11.22″ Length
    • 3.5oz ultra light flying weight for great flight performance


    Sport Cub S2 RC plane is powered by an Electric motor and Gearbox with an innovative propeller protector and is built using a durable, flexible and strong EEP material

    Propeller Saver


    Durable EPP Foam

    Innovative Propeller Protector


    • Prevents propeller breakage
    • Easily reattach propeller by pushing it back onto the motor shaft
    • Prevents damage to the gearbox
    • More time flying and less time repairing


    Powerful and Efficient


    • Increased torque and a larger propeller for more power
    • Increased efficiency for longer flight times
    • Up to 20 minutes of flight time
    • Made with high quality materials for long life.


    Strong and Lightweight


    • Built with special EPP foam
    • Strong, flexible and lightweight
    • Resists most Dent and Ding and can better handle impact
    • Smooth surface for a great looking finish


    Xpilot stabilization system

    Side View

    Package Includes
    • Sport Cub Airplane * 1
    • Remote * 1
    • Propellers * 3
    • Landing Gear *1
    • 3.7V/400mAh Lip * 2
    • 5-in-1 Charger * 1
    • Manual * 1

    RC Airplane Yellow – Sport Cub S2

    Preassembled ready to fly beginner RC airplane

    All around great plane for any RC airplane enthusiast. Wether you’re a beginner RC aircraft pilot or an experienced rc plane flyer the Sport Cub S2 will be a joy to fly.

    • Xpilot stabilization system
    • 2.4Ghz Remote Control
    • High efficiency gearbox
    • Propeller Protector
    • Durable, flexible construction
    • Beautiful yellow color scheme
    • One-Key U-Turn
    • Up to 20 minute flight time
    cubs rc diving down sky background

    2.4Ghz Remote control system enables many models to fly at the same time.


    • 2.4Ghz Remote
    • 3 Channels (Rudder, Elevator and Throttle
    • XPilot Stabilization System
    • 3 Flight Modes (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)
    • One button U-Turn


    5 in 1 charger

    5-In-1 3.7V 1s Lipo battery Charger

    • Suitable for 3.7V 1s Lipo battery
    • Charge 5 batteries at the same time
    • Each charge port works independently
    • Built-In overcharge protection
    • Saves time and gets you flying quicker


    5 in 1 charger

    5 Port Charging

    5-1 Battery Charger Size

    Small size

    5-1 Charger and cord

    USB Powered

    5-1 charger lights rc batter charger

    Well Designed

    It’s never been so easy to learn to fly a Radio Controlled Airplane

    RC Plane Mother and child first flight