RCRunning RC Program Card Electronic Speed Controller Programmer for RC Car 25A - 120A ESC (RED) by

$23.99 $19.99


  • This program box is used to program the brushless ESC.
  • Suitable esc: 25A,35,45A,60A,80A,120A,150A ESC.
  • Used with: 1/8,1/10,1/12,1/14,1/16,1/18 rc car.
  • Plug and Play: Program car is very easy to use, just plug into ESC and turn on, set desires values and it’s that simple. Compact and Portable Size: The rc car Programmable could fit in a pocket so you can take it to the field or put it in a tool box.
  • A wrong tooth ratio can cause the motor to overheat. The motor temperature should be lower than 212℉ during the operation. Temperatures above 212℉ will weaken the magnet and may partly melt the coils and eventually damage the ESC (because of strong current)!!! To avoid potential risks such as ESC/motor damage or malfunction caused by overheat, start with a very small pinion first and check the ESC & motor temperatures regularly throughout the run. This is the only way to prevent overheating!!!