Readytosky Turbo Racing 2.4GHz 4CH Radio Transmitter



  • Readytosky Turbo Racing 91804G 2.4GHz 4CH Radio Transmitter LCD Display Remote Controller with Receiver for RC Car Boat
  • ★This 2.4GHz RC transmitter and receiver is specially developed for remote control cars/boats.
  • ★2.4GHz and 4 channels provide farther remote control distance and smooth operation.
  • ★Lightweight upgrade instantly enhances overall performance in handling and durability.
  • ★Low power consumption and high receiver sensitivity.
  • ★With removable handle,easy to store and carry.


    Turbo Racing 91804G 2.4GHz 4CH Radio Remote Controller Transmitter with Receiver LCD Display for RC Car Boat


    – Suitable for: car, ship

    – Number of channels: 4

    – Input voltage: 6VDC 1.5VAA*4

    – Remote control distance: 120M

    – Weight: 200g

    – Overall dimension: 155.0*81.3*193.7mm



    ● removable handle

    ● Columnar liquid crystal display ● Low voltage alarm (less than 4.5v)

    ● 15 sets of model memory ● ABS

    ● Model memory deletion ● REV function (all channel)

    ● Model name (3 bytes) ● EPA function (all channel)

    ● F/S(throttle only) ● Center fine-tuning (all channel)

    ● SVC gyroscope switch ● Throttle Steering D/R

    ● EXP function ● VT System