RealFlight 8 Horizon Hobby Edition: RF8 HH RC Flight Simulator Software Only (Controller Not Included), RFL1001

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  • Trust in Real Flight, the #1 RC flight simulator with unparalleled graphics that has put more RC pilots in the air safely than any other
  • Fly More than 150 aircraft and 40 flying sites, including a customized FPV flying site and a dozen new pilot-requested aircraft additions from the best brands in RC
  • Simple, intuitive interface, combined with AS3X and SAFE Technology, means zero learning curve to you’ll be up and flying your virtual aircraft in no time
  • Rv compatibility and game-like challenges make flight training fun and interactive, while multiplayer combat lets you challenge pilots worldwide
  • Includes RF8 software DVD only. Requires interlink-x controller and windows 7, 8, or 10 to run. Vista not supported. System requirements listed below

    Continuing RealFlight 8 Features

    Screenshot of grassy flying field with inverted RC helicopter flying in foreground

    Screenshot from first-person cockpit view with inset of guy wearing VR headset and using controller

    Screenshot of new warehouse challenge with plane getting ready to fly between flags inside warehouse

    Incredible Realism

    True-To-Life Physics make every flight more lifelike and have helped put more RC pilots in the air successfully than any other flight sim.

    • Realistic flight characteristics
    • New RC pilots can learn to fly with confidence
    • Experienced RC pilots can practice new maneuvers to become even better

    VR Compatibility

    Put yourself in the cockpit for an immersive VR experience. RealFlight 8 is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE VR sets. Plug in – and you’re instantly at the field or behind the sticks.

    *VR equipment sold separately. Check with manufacturer for compatibility.

    Challenges and Multiplayer Options

    Have fun and hone your skills with game-like challenges. Burst balloons, avoid obstacles, fly through gates, limbo low, and race fast to unlock rewards and score points.

    • Compete against your own best times with Ghost Run
    • Challenge players online with *multiplayer combat events like Dead Ringer, Machine Gun, Streamer Cut, Hardcore Combat, Rocket, and Paintball

    Product description

    Style:RF8 HHE Software Only

    The ultimate RC experience – now even better. Real Flight’s Horizon Hobby Edition is what RC pilots have been asking and waiting for! It combines everything you already love about the world’s #1 RC flight simulator with in-demand, exclusive technology – plus brings you even more pilot-requested aircraft additions from the Best Brands in RC. It’s an experience you simply can’t find anywhere else. Over a dozen new aircraft from E-flite, Hobby Zone, Park Zone, Hangar 9, Blade and more Spectrum AS3X and SAFE exclusive technologies Improved compatibility with Spectrum WS1000 wireless USB simulator dongle (sold separately)Continuing Features: Industry-leading True-To-Life physics for amazing realism Simple and intuitive interface More than 150 aircraft including airplanes, helicopters, drones, and moreover 40 different flying sites Ability to edit aircraft and sites Game-like challenges and multiplayer options Compatibility with VR headsets (sold separately)What’s in the Box: RF8 Horizon Hobby Edition RC Flight Simulator Software DVD Product Manual Requires Controller (one of the following options, all sold separately): USB Gamepad or Joystick Interlink-X Controller Interlink Elite Controller (no longer available, for existing owners only)Compatible Transmitter and RF Wired Interface SLT Compatible Transmitter and RF Wireless Interface Spectrum Transmitter with DSM2/DSMX protocol and WS1000 Wireless Dongle Recommended System: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (Administrator access required)Intel Pentium 1. 0GHz or equivalent (*Minimum), or Dual Core 2. 4GHz CPU (**Optimal)512 MB RAM (*Minimum), or 2 GB RAM (**Optimal)10 GB Hard Drive Space DVD Drive3D Accelerated Video with: Dedicated Video Memory: 32 MB (*Minimum), or 512 MB (**Optimal)Full DirectX 9 compliant: Shade Model 2. 0 (*Minimum), or Shade Model 3. 0 (**Optimal)USB Port Interlink-X, Real Flight compatible controller, or other Gamepad/Joystick Internet connectivity required to download additional content and updates*Minimum: Some graphical features may be disabled. Aerodynamic calculations will remain high quality**Optimal: For best graphical performance