Reflex Pit Bull Xtreme RC Diff Fluid, 3000 CST




PIT BULL PBX SILICONE SHOCK & DIFFERENTIAL FLUIDS are highly consistent viscosity fluids. You want your fluids to be as consistent as possible to get the right results you’re looking for…then the PBX series of Shock Fluids and Differential Fluids is the way to go.

We’ve constructed our 2 fluid ounce bottles so that they fit better in your toolbox. They’re short and fat rather than tall and thin…but they are 2 fluid ounces. We just want you to be able to fit our bottles in your toolbox. It’s called thinking outside the box…pun intended.

Tight External Cap and Eye-dropper internal pour nozzle make for confidence in ease of use. 2 fluid ounce bottles with “easy pour” caps so you don’t spill half your fluid when aiming at a point.