Rudder Strut & 1/4" Flex Cable Shaft Combo



Rudder Strut & 1/4″ Flex Cable Shaft Combo for 23-35cc Gas or Nitro RC BoatFeatures:
This high quality rudder and strut combo fits up to .90 nitro or 23-35cc gas engine rc boat.
All mounting screws, bolts and nuts are included.
The boat, prop, fuel line, waterproof seals, etc are not included.
Shipping package:
strut: 1 set
rudder: 1pc
1/4″ cable set with brass tube, teflon tube, prop nut, drive dog and teflon washer.
Specs of rudder:
Blade height: 160mm (6 1/4″)
From transom to rear of the rudder blade: 130mm
Specs of strut:
With teflon bushings inserted inside, this high quality adjustable strut brings better performances.
The length: 100mm (3 15/16″)
The distance from the transom to the rear of the strut: 50mm (2″)
Weight: 96g
Specs of flex cable (shaft) set:
This 1/4″ cable set includes: 1/4″ X 690mm flex cable, 1/4″ X 110mm prop shaft, brass tube, teflon tube, teflon washer, drive dog and prop nut.
This high quality 1/4″ cable set is updated version;
The flex cable is silver soldered to the prop shaft. It’s more stronger;
The prop shaft is stainless steel;
It is welded more specific and the sense of the rotation is better;
The overall length of the cable: 800mm
The length of the prop shaft: 110mm
The lenght of the flex cable: 690mm
Brass tube and teflon tube length: 400mm
The diameter of the flex cable and prop shaft: 1/4″
The prop shaft is threaded. The prop nut is 1/4″