Spektrum AR7350 7 Channel AS3X RX with Integrated telemetry

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Product description

FREE Transmitter/Receiver Programming Cable: USB & Audio Interface $30 Value Key Features AS3X® technology — 3 axis stabilization Perfect for larger aircraft requiring a 7-channel receiver such as many Hangar 9® models Includes (1) remote receiver Integrated telemetry provides real time telemetry data (with optional telemetry sensors) Programmable from mobile devices (iOS and Android) as well as PCs makes it easy to setup at home or at the field Lightweight, compact design Three gyro modes allow customization of the gyro performance and feel of the aircraft Overview A new generation of Spektrum™ AS3X®(Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) receivers is about to make it easier than ever for fixed wing pilots to transform their flying experience with this amazing technology. Like their predecessors, they combine AS3X technology with a DSMX® receiver in a single unit. What sets them apart is programming software that makes setup and adjustment of their AS3X settings much easier. The software’s easy-to-understand, graphical user interface will allow pilots to: – Select which AS3X mode to fly with: Off, Conventional Rate and Heading Hold – Activate flaperon/dual aileron, delta/elevon, V-tail or dual elevator mixing – Take advantage of servo setup options like balancing, travel adjust, absolute limits, reversing and more – Map output and gain settings for individual channels – Programming made easy via PC or iOS/Android mobile devices – Uses AS3X Programming Cable-SPMA3065 or Audio-Interface AS3X Receiver Programming Cable-SPMA3081 for programming In order to activate AS3X technology in a Spektrum AS3X receiver (AR636, AR6335, AR7350 & AR9359), you must program the receiver using the AS3X mobile programming application. Until AS3X is activated, the receiver will operate as a standard DSMX aircraft receiver and will