Spektrum AS6410NBL DSMX 6Ch AS3X Receiver with BL ESC



Product description

Product Description Overview With the Spektrum AS6410NBL, you can bring the benefits of the advanced AS3X System to your favorite ultra micro flyer. In the past, to get more agility or stability, a pilot had to trade a little of one for more of the other. The AS3X System changes all that with revolutionary technology that expands both agility and stability at the same time. The result is an ultra micro that will eagerly execute your commands while precisely maintaining whatever attitude you leave it in. Even in breezy conditions with light turbulence, you’ll feel like you’re flying a finely tuned, large-scale airplane. The AS6410NBL combines this incredible technology with a 6-channel DSMX receiver, a 5A brushless speed control and four ultra micro servo connectors onto a single board. You just download the AS3X settings that best match the type of aircraft you want to fly and upload them to the AS6410NBL using the required interface (SPMA3060, sold separately). You can even try out the settings used in existing AS3X ultra micros. Note : Not compatible with the Spektrum DX6 park flyer transmitter. Specs Antenna Length: 31mm Band: 2.4GHz Height: 0.32 in (8mm) Length: 1.38 in (35mm) Model Type: Airplane Modulation: DSM2/DSMX Number Of Channels: 6 Range: Park Flyer Resolution: 1024 Type: Ultra Micro AS3X receiver with integrated brushless speed controller Voltage Range: 6.4V – 8.4V (2-cell LiPo) Weight: 0.2 oz (6.4 g) Width: 1.00 in (25mm