Spektrum DX9/DX7S/DX8/DX6 Gen 2/3 4000mAh 7.4V Transmitter LiPo Battery

$54.50 $49.99


  • Fits the Spektrum DX9, DX7S, DX6 Gen 2 & 3, and DX8 Gen 1 RC Transmitters.
  • Venom Fly – Engineered for Flight, with “A” Grade Matched Cells for Unrivaled Performance.
  • Built-in cell balancer and voltage protection circuit to prevent overcharge and over discharge.
  • High capacity for increased runtime.
  • Backed with Proven US Support and Venom’s Industry Leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Product description

    Venom is excited to deliver our lightest, best performing LiPo batteries in our 15-year history. FLY packs are specifically engineered for flight and help you pilot your favorite RC planes and Heli copters to new heights. Produced using the best LiPo technology available, bred from our racing heritage, and built for RC Airplanes and RC Heli s. The Venom Fly Transmitter LiPo Battery for Spectrum doubles the flight time of the stock transmitter battery and offers advanced safety and features like built-in cell balancing and safety current circuitry to prevent overcharging. RC pilots, get ready for a long flight. Venom Limited Lifetime We are certain of the quality of all Venom products. Therefore, all Venom products come with our Limited Lifetime , which covers defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the product. Venom will repair or, in its discretion, replace defective product free of charge for a period of 1 year from the original date of purchase. After that, for any defective product you will receive a credit equal to thirty percent (30%) of retail price (as shown on manufacturer & apos; s website) toward the purchase of a new Venom product of the same size and type. We reserve the right to substitute different sizes or types of replacement product for product sizes or types that have been discontinued. This is a non-transferable and does not cover normal wear and tear, physical damage (incl UDI ng water damage), battery failure due to over-discharge (as described in our written instructions) or any damage resulting from improper use (incl UDI ng opening of the sealed battery pack). This gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Specifications Battery Type: Lithium Polymer ( LiPo Battery)C Rate: 0. 5CVolts: 7. 4Capacity: 4000mAhCell Count: 2SCell Configuration: 2S1PContinuous Discharge: 0. 5C (2. 0A)Max Burst Rate: 0. 875C (3. 5A)Max Volts per Cell: 4. 2VMax Volts per Pack: 8. 4VMin Volts per Pack: 6VCharge Rate: 0. 5C (2. 0A)Max Approved Charge Rate: 0. 5C (2. 0A)Wire Gauge: 20 AWG Soft and Flexible Low Resistance Silicone Wire Plug Type: Spectrum 2-PinDimensions: 69. 5 x 52 x 18. 5 mm / 2. 7 x 2 x 0. 7 in Watt Hours: 29. 6Weight: 144g (5. 1 oz)Fits These RC Models Spectrum DX6 Gen 2 Spectrum DX6 Gen 3 Spectrum DX7s Spectrum DX8 Gen 1 Spectrum DX9