Tactic TTX610 SLT 2.4GHz 6-Channel RC Air Radio System: 6CH Tx | TR625 6CH Rx | No Servos

$160.10 $149.99


  • Features digital trims with memory, all-channel servo reversing, fast/slow step adjustment and sound cues (channels 1-4)
  • Includes compact, lightweight TR625 twin antenna receiver with push-button linking
  • Includes switched 5th and 6th channels for landing gear, flaps and other functions
  • Wireless trainer system for Tactic systems, plus Wired trainer Jack for use with other transmitter brands or flight simulators
  • Factory-set fail-safe (aileron, elevator & rudder) and user-settable throttle fail-safe

    Important information

    Safety Warning

    WARNING! Never operate an R/C model with weak Tx batteries! Reduced operational range and/or possible loss of control of the aircraft could result. Replace weak alkaline batteries, or re-charge NiCd or NiMH batteries before attempting a flight! If this alarm activates during flight, land the aircraft immediately! Failure to do so could result in destruction of the model and possibly bodily injury!

    Product description

    Moving up to a 6-channel opens up the chance to add retracts, flaps or other functions to your aircraft. The TTX610 gives you the control you need at a price you can easily afford.

    Changing dual rates on ailerons, elevator and rudder requires flipping a single switch. A two-position and a three-position switch make activating auxiliary functions just as easy.

    Like all Tactic 2.4GHz systems, the TTX610 offers the interference-free dependability of the exclusive SLT protocol, which makes it ideal for use with all SLT receivers – including the ones included with all Tx-R (Transmitter-Ready) aircraft. Pressing a button on the included TR625 receiver reinforces TTX610 dependability by creating an unbreakable and exclusive link between your transmitter and receiver.

    Dependability, affordability and features make the TTX610 is a standout system that offers the features you want and room to grow!


    • Dual rate switch (aileron, elevator, and rudder)
    • V-tail and elevon mixing
    • Quad-bearing gimbals
    • Low-voltage and and no trainer signal alarms
    • Charge jack for optional rechargeable batteries
    • Internal antenna
    • Adjustable stick lengths
    • On/off switch
    • 4-cell “AA” battery holder, adjustable neck strap and on/off switch harness with charge lead
    • Wireless trainer system, plus wired system with a 3.5mm round jack
    • Switched 5th and 6th channels for landing gear, flaps and other functions


    • (8) “AA” Batteries (4 for transmitter and 4 for receiver)


    • Transmitter-
      • Channels: 6
      • Frequencies: 2.403 – 2.480GHz
      • Modulation: FHSS spread spectrum
      • Input Power: Four “AA” alkaline, NiCD or NiMH cells, not included
      • Output Power: <0.1W
      • Power Indicators: LED, with low voltage alarm
      • Reversing Switches: DIP switches, all channels
      • Trims: Digital for each channel
      • Antenna: Built-in, non-removable
      • Charge Jack: Futaba compatible, for use with optional NiCd or NiMH cells
      • Trainer Function: Wired and wireless (compatible with Tactic brand transmitters only)
      • Trainer Jack: 3.5 millimeter mono headphone socket
      • Optional Mixes: Elevon, V-tail
    • Receiver-
      • Channels: 6
      • Frequencies: 2.403 – 2.480GHz
      • Modulation: SLT 2.4GHz FHSS spread spectrum
      • Input Power: Four “AA” alkaline, NiCd or NiMH cells (4.0 – 6.0V, not included)
      • Failsafe: Programmable; reduces throttle to a user-selected setting
      • Dimensions: 1.80 x 1.00 x 0.50 inches (45 x 26 x 13 millimeters)
      • Weight: 0.34 ounces (9.5 grams)