Top race Fighter Jet 4-CH RTF RC Airplane



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  • TOP RACE REMOTE CONTROL AIRPLANE: RC Airplane Ready To Fly 4 Channel Remote Control Plane War- Fighter RC Jet F22 Fighter Jet RC Plane TR-F22B.
  • RC PLANES READY TO FLY! 4 Channel rc airplane With An Advanced 6 Axis Gyro For Very Stable Flight Experience, An Electric Powered, High Output RC Plane Motor. With it’s One Key aerobatics feature It Can Easily Perform Cool aerobatic Stunts. Sturdy RC Airplane Wheels For Safe And Smooth Landing.
  • RC REMOTE CONTROL AIRCRAFT SIZE: This Large RC jet Plane Glider Has A Fuselage Length Of 13.5 Inches, Wingspan: 10.5 Inches, Battery: 3.7v 360mah, Radio Control Airplane Transmitter Uses 4 AA Batteries (not Included) this Remote Control Airplane Is For Adults And very advanced Kids with previous Experience With Flying Remote Control Planes.
  • RC JET AIRPLANE FLIGHT TIME is Approximately 14 Min and the Charging Time is approx. 120 Min, 2.4gh Transmitter With A Flying Distance Of 300 Feet For A Exciting Airplane Remote Control Flying Experience.
  • Caution: These RC Planes For Adults And Kids Are A Sophisticated RC Plane Hobby Product And Not rc jet Plane remote control toys. They Must Be Responsibly Operated And Controlled With Caution, Some Experience Is Needed To Fly These RC Airplanes.

What to know about RC Planes

Flying a remote control plane can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite difficult without proper precautions. So, we made this little guide to make sure that your experience with our plane is as safe as possible.

First, you should familiarize yourself with the plane before taking off. Maybe, you’ve flown other planes before, but there can always be something different about each new airplane. You might have something turned around, or maybe another vehicle might respond differently when you’re trying to fly it.

The next important one is to familiarize yourself with the environment around you as well. Perhaps there’s a building nearby, or maybe there are people near you. Sometimes, you might be enjoying some good flights until something happens that changes your control of the plane and you run into a structure, or even other people. So, always be aware of your surroundings at all times while flying.


Fighter Jet RC Plane
Flying Distance of 300 feet

Flying Distance of 300 Feet

This plane is rather a professional fighter jet than a small kids toy. You can even control it from a distance of 300 feet without losing connection. The advanced remote control system makes this possible and lets you fly wonderful loops in the sky. Make quick turns, loops and acrobatic stunts just by the move of the knobs and enjoy your plane every second.

grey remote control airplane fighter jet war plane transmitter tires


4 Channel Remote Control


Flying Distance of 300 feet


grey remote control airplane fighter jet stunts radio transmitter loops war plane



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At Top Race our main goal is to bring people happiness with our RC vehicles. We strive to provide our customers with a better design, an overall better quality and a much better product in general. So many people around the globe enjoy our vehicles and we enjoy building them for our customers even more. Since 2010, we have been the industry leader in RC vehicle design and development and we are always at the forefront of the RC hobby. Radio controlled vehicles have been around for a very long time and the technology that is needed for this hobby can be really expensive, so that many people end up spending much money for their first vehicle. We want to change that, so we build our vehicles in a manner that is more affordable than other RC vehicles. Because we love our customers and want our RCs to spread happiness and joy.