Top Race Stunt Flying 20" x 14" 4-CH RTF RC Airplane



About this item
  • Top Race 4 Channel RC Plane for Adults Remote Control Airplane Ready to Fly 20″ Inch Wing Span with a working throttle, rudder, elevator, and aileron. It even has a steerable tail wheel for easy ground control.
  • Amazing New Propeller Saver Technology to save RC plane from damage with 3 Spare Propellers and Propeller Savers included if an accident happens.
  • Stunt Flying: Easy stunts, upside down loops and spiral flying all with a simple push of a button.
  • Dimensions: 20″ Wing Span by 14″ Long. Motor: 10mm coreless motor. Battery: 3.7v 360mAh. Easy to Fly RC Plane! Amazing Remote Control Plane with 3 levels of flying: Easy, Medium, Hard. This amazingly fun RC plane is the perfect Gift for Adults or advanced kids.
  • Caution! Please handle the plane with care since the material is made of foam. Be careful when opening the box and when flying in order to not damage the plane. All planes are made of EPP foam, otherwise it will not fly.

    Remote Control Airplane

    The Top Race 4 Channel Remote Control RC Airplane  is a wireless RC plane which is great for kids and adults.

    The plane operates like a real plane with full 4 channel control

    1. Propeller 2. Rudder 3. Elevator 4. Aileron

    You can also drive this on the ground to its takeoff spot by controlling the propeller and throttle right or left,

    6 Axix Gyro System The Top Race RC plane has a 6 axis built in gyro which makes it extremely easy to fly even with no experience,

    3 Speed Control: This plane comes with 3 level flying which is


    This controls how much the gyro should kick in to help you fly, flying in expert mode gives you the ability to make more stunts than in the other modes, however in beginners mode the gyro is fully activated and will hold up amazingly in the air and very stable even for beginners.

    ONE KEY STUNT FLYING: This Top Race Rc Plane has an extremely cool option great for beginners The One Key Stunt button where you can perform amazing stunts and flips with a push of a button. watch your friends being amazed.

    PROPELLERS: The most amazing function of the Top Race Rc Airplane is the propeller technology, the propeller is built in a way so it will not break if a crash happens, the propeller is made of 3 parts which is 1. Propeller, 2. Propeller Shaft 3. Shaft Adapter, If the propeller hits something the propeller will snap of saving the entire motor and plane from breaking, you can easily snap the ptopeller back on without any tools and fly again, we have added 3 spare propellers to this set and you can always purchase more if needed. Asin B082QV755T

    SIZE: The size of this Top Race plane is the perfect size not too big and not too small so you can easily carry it with you to the park or open field, Lenth: 14 Inches, Wingspan: 20 Inches, BATTERY: 3.7v 360mAh, Transmitter uses 4 AA Batteries (not included), Flight Time: 14 to 16 min. Charging Time: about 120 Min. 2.4G Transmitter Flying Distance: 300 Feet, CAUTION: This is a sophisticated hobby product and NOT a toy. It must be operated with caution, some experience may be needed.

    remote control airplane for beginners

    Stunt flying with a push of a button


    • Rolls
    • Flips


    2.4 Ghz airplane

    6 Axis Gyro Built in Stabilizer

    One Key Return

    2.4 Ghz Remote Control, Can fly multiple in the same time

    Built in 6 Axis Gyro Stabilizer

    One Key Return