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High speed racing simulation boat

Unlike other sellers, we use a streamlined hull to ensure faster speeds. The tail is engineered with a unique balanced waterjet design that is safer and more flexible than a typical boat.

Elegant streaml shap

The exquisite and beautiful streamlined shape can reduce the resistance of the ship and promote the rapid progress of the hull. Bright paint texture, highlighting the noble atmosphere.

Automatic correction of navigation rudder

The two-way navigation rudder swings left and right in both directions. When the direction is offset, the navigation rudder can automatically correct the deviation from the roadway, allowing the speedboat to sail more smoothly on the water.


Precision proportional steering engine control

Steering is precise. With the fine adjustment of the remote control, the range of steering can be adjusted. In addition, there is fine adjustment, which can be adjusted at any time to prevent deviation. Flexible control!


Super power propeller

The figure on the right details the various components of the stern.

Moreover, when the bottom of the ship is in contact with the water, the ship will start to run, avoiding the propeller scratching the hand and making it safer to use.

  • It has strong signal transmitter, the frequency id random in 27MHz, 40Mhz and 49MHz, it can not be changed, the control distance is about 50 meters.
  • This boat only works in water. Equiped with powerful 280 motors, the driving speed is up to 15-20KMH.
  • It precise port position and self balancing stable sailing.
  • It can move forward/backward, turn right and left(details of control please see user manual).
  • The boat use 4. 8V 700 mah rechargeable battery(include) and the remote control need 2*AA battery(not include). (Notice: Do not leave the battery charge overnight. Safety charge time is 3 hours. Please plug off immediately when you finished charging. )